K-8000c LED light with controller
K-8000c LED light with controller

Brand: magic lamp 

model: k-8000c 

origin: imported from Shenzhen 

or not: no 

rated voltage: 5-24v 

connection mode: series control mode: offline use product: slide color LED lamp belt connection type: Port boundary 

dimension: 180 * 20 * 30 (mm)

 weight: 600 (g) 

processing customization: no

Product details

Specific parameters:

Storage card:

Type: SD card

Capacity: 128mb-2gb

Format: fat format

Save file: *. LED

Physical parameters:

Working temperature: - 30 ℃ - 85 ℃

Working power supply: DC5V input

Power consumption: 3W

Weight: 0.8kg with outer package (3pin terminal * 10; SD card * 1; power adapter * 1; paper box * 1)

Output type: 3pin terminal

1、 Features of t-8000a-ttl system:

1. 32-65536 gray level control, software gamma correction processing.

2. Support all kinds of point, line, face light source, support all kinds of rules, special shape processing.

3. The controller has 8 port outputs, and each port can have a maximum of 1024 lights.

4. The controller can be used in series with several sets, and the distance between sets can reach 200m; the playing content is stored in SD card.

5. T-8000a can store up to 16 files, and copy multiple files to SD card one by one.

6. The t-8000a has been added to the display, which can encrypt the controller.

7. The t-8000a can be added with the function of timed playback, which needs to be customized in advance by contacting the sales personnel.

Note: 1. When using international standard DMX protocol to drive lamps, please contact the sales personnel to replace the controller with t-8000b-dmx controller

2. When the t-8000a single port carries 512 lights, the playback speed can reach 30 frames / second. When the port carries more than 512 lights, the frame rate will automatically decrease with the increase of the number of lights.

3. If you need to use global wireless GPS synchronization, console channel distributor and timing playback, please contact sales or technical support for details