ws2812bLEDLight Bar
ws2812bLEDLight Bar

Ws2812b slide tape has advantages: single-point single-control with built-in chip, good use effect with most controllers on the market, convenient programming, high brightness, energy saving, long life. It is suitable for making LED display, billboard, party decoration, KTV, bar and so on. One signal line, two power lines, built-in IC, 256 gray level, through the controller, text, digital, English, pictures, animation, and so on any effect. It is the best-selling product at present.

Product details

Product parameters:

Product name

WS2812B - 5050RGB



IC model


Electric current

0.06A/ seeds


0.3W/ seeds

Driving mode

Series connection

Number of lamps


LED type

Built in IC

Lamp chip

Sanan, Crystal Element

LED color

RGB full color

Luminous angle

120 degrees

Plate width

30/60/100-10mm, 74/96/144-12mm

Circuit Board Types

FPC soft plate


Two hundred and fifty-six

Color of lamp board

Black / white

Waterproof grade


Power supply compensation

Supplementary Pressure Every 5 m

3M gum

Bare board/dropping glue

Control method

External control

Lamp band life

50000 hours

working temperature

- 40 ~+70 degree C