5050 suit
5050 suit

The 5050 set contains 5050 series of LED lamp belt, lamp belt controller, power supply and other materials needed for the installation of a complete set of LED lamp belt. The set is more complete than a single piece, and the installation is more convenient and simple. Compared with one piece to buy, the price is quite favorable.

5050 suit
Product details

Electrical parameters of 5050 lamp beads:

Current: 43-46 mA, maximum current can not exceed 60 mA;

2, Voltage 2.8-3.6V

3. Ambient temperature - 20 ~40 ~

4. When the current is between 14 and 20 mA, the brightness decreases by 4% when the current decreases by 1 mA.

5. The current is 0.12W at 43-46mA, 0.15W at 46-53mA and 0.2 at 54-60mA.

6. The power consumption per meter is 0.18*60=10.8W.