What problems should we pay attention to when installing LED light belt at home?

Now the family decoration basically every living room is equipped with LED light band, the key of this light band is to change the light effect in the room, generally installed in the corner of the wall, or in the slot area of the decoration ceiling. Today, magic lamp gives you a detailed introduction to the use of LED light with tutorial, installation of LED lights to pay attention to what problems? Let's have a look!

1、 The use of LED light band

1. The first is to cut the lamp belt. Each section of the lamp belt will have a copper node. This place is used as the cutting place. Different specifications of the lamp belt will have different lengths of cutting places, such as single cutting, three lamp cutting, six lamp cutting and so on. If the cutting is carried out in other areas, the route of the light belt will be destroyed, resulting in the normal use of the light belt.

2. The connector socket inserts one end of the pin tip of the connector into the lamp belt transmission line area, so as to ensure the contact between the needle tube and the wire, and insert it into the middle and low end, so as to ensure sufficient conductivity and convenience. If the low-voltage light belt is used, the connector should be connected correctly, and the input voltage should be consistent with that of the light belt.

3. After receiving the power plug, plug the other side of the connector at the junction of the light band to the power plug, and the plug power cord will be on when it is plugged. If the light band is not on, start from the second step. Close the tail end of the other side of the light band to the other side of the power plug, and plug in the tail plug, so as to ensure that the power circuit is working Safety in the whole process of construction.

What problems should we pay attention to when installing LED light belt at home?

2、 What problems should we pay attention to when installing LED lights

1. For the method of connecting the control board, it is necessary to first connect the LED light strip with the RGB color light strip, and the professional control board must be applied to complete the unpredictable actual effect of the light. When wiring, the color light strip is generally all co anodized, that is, there is one plus 12V on the top of the light strip, and the others are all three negative levels of the negative level RGB, and the total operating area of each wiring control board is inconsistent, Generally speaking, the operating distance of simple control panel is generally 12 meters long, and the operating range of remote control panel is generally 20 meters long, or even the total area above 30 meters.

2. In the light band connection, we must pay more attention to the distance between LED lights. Generally speaking, the total area of LED light band connection is 20 meters. If the distance exceeds this range, then the LED light band is easy to get hot, and it will continue to endanger the service life of the LED light band in the whole process of application. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the distance between LED lights When we install, we must carry out the installation according to the manufacturer's regulations. We must not let the LED lamp operate with overload, so as to ensure the application safety.

Generally speaking, the installation and use of high-voltage LED light belt is relatively simple. When using low-voltage magic color light belt, we should pay attention to whether the V number of light belt and voltage is consistent, whether the power supply is enough, and cooperate with the controller to work normally.

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