What's the lighting effect of monochrome LED strip

In modern decoration, many places will use LED lights to bring lighting effect and lighting use. Common places include room ceiling, stair corner, TV background and so on. So how about its lighting effect? Let's take a look with magic lights.

1、 The actual effect of LED band lighting lamps:

The LED light band is embedded in the bare ceiling, and hidden in the gap between the bank counters. The cold light comes out, building the enterprise into a professional and efficient brand image.

The office space and conference hall of an enterprise are equipped with light strips showing white light sources, which can make people feel the seriousness needed in the work area, and also feel so harmonious and release pressure.

The corridor is simple and unified with white as the leading color and warm log color as the auxiliary color. In order to better cooperate with this kind of color, there are lamp bands on the left and right sides of the wall, and emit white light. This kind of light belt can not only illuminate lamps and lanterns, but also has the practical effect of wall washing, which increases the sense of science and technology for the corridor.

In the dining bar, the diode lamp gives people a more proud feeling. Then, in the hotel rooms of restaurants, LEDs can show a sense of warmth.

The hotel rooms are equipped with fluorescent lamps, and the actual effect of interior decoration design shows the main style of orange. The LED light belt is arranged in the middle of the ceiling. Partial white light causes texture and layer feeling in the middle of falling ceiling. This is the actual effect of polishing. The two lamp strips in the wall are placed on both sides of the decorative oil painting, very symmetrical, dignified and atmospheric.

In restaurants and hotel rooms, the light band constructs a soft beauty, while in coffee shops, it mainly shows the personalization of fashion trends.

Ceiling and wall are paved with brown and orange foundation decoration. The basic decoration of the strip type creates a sense of youthful charm in the room, and promotes the theme elements of the coffee shop fashion trend. And in the middle of this kind of basic decoration, there are several LED light bands, some of which are warm and simple.

What's the lighting effect of monochrome LED strip

2、 Price selection of LED light belt

The specifications and models of LED light belts are different. We must pay attention to the selection. The key of specifications and models is how many led beads are in one meter. For example, 72 means 72 led beads in one meter, which can be selected according to our own needs and preferences. 1210 model is 60 LEDs per meter, 5050 model is 30 LEDs per meter, unique has 60 LEDs per meter. The price of different specifications and models of LED light belt is different, which is also a key factor to distinguish the price of LED light belt.

LED light with round two line, round three line, flat three line, flat four line, etc., generally two-line light band is circular, three line four line is flat, round suitable for outdoor places, and flat for outdoor places. Attention should be paid to the selection of suitable LED lights with slots in house decoration, so as to decorate and design a more beautiful and generous interior space. There are many types of colors, such as cold white, warm white, violet, light yellow and so on. The lighting effects of different colors are different, such as warm colors, proud cool colors and so on. The specification, appearance and hue of the light belt will affect its price, resulting in a big difference. Attention should be paid to the selection, and the basis must be selected.

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