Magic lamp leads you to judge the quality of LED display screen

LED display screen is a very common display screen type, not only has a flexible installation size, but also has a great improvement in weight compared with traditional products, and the color is clearer and fuller, which can let you see a more enjoyable video picture. So if you want to buy a good quality outdoor LED display, what should we pay attention to? Here are some things to pay attention to when choosing outdoor LED display screen. Follow the magic lamp to have a look.

1. Flatness of the screen: in order to ensure that the display image will not be distorted, the surface flatness of the LED display screen must be kept within ± 1mm. If this requirement is not met, and the local concave convex phenomenon will lead to the blind angle of the visible angle when playing the video. Therefore, it can be said that flatness is a main factor to judge high-quality LED display.

2. See the brightness of the screen: under normal circumstances, the brightness of LED display screen should be above 1500cd / m2 to ensure normal display, otherwise, it will make people can't see clearly the image content because of insufficient brightness. Therefore, if you want to buy a good display effect led display screen, it is necessary to see the quality and brightness parameters of LED beads.

Magic lamp leads you to judge the quality of LED display screen

3. Look at the white balance of the screen: when the ratio of red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16, the screen will show the most pure white. Therefore, if the display screen produced by the outdoor LED display manufacturer has a slight deviation in the proportion of three primary colors, it will lead to the deviation of white balance, which will affect the display quality of outdoor LED display, so it is also necessary to look at the white balance when purchasing It's important.

The above three aspects are the key points that we can refer to when choosing outdoor LED display screen. When you buy outdoor LED display screen, you want to have a good playback effect, so you should choose from the flatness, brightness and white balance of the display screen, so as to ensure that the LED display screen is good.

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