Which is better, LED screen or LCD screen

LED screen and LCD screen are common video displays in the market at present. LCD screen is more used in television, which is commonly referred to as LCD TV, while LED is more used in the background matching of video display and stage performance of commercial advertising. So LED screen and LCD screen which is good? The following and magic lamp together to analyze it.

1. Brightness

In terms of brightness, the refresh rate of LED screen is much higher than that of LCD screen, and the clarity and brightness of LED screen are better than LCD display screen. Moreover, LED screen can still display clearly in the strong sunlight, and its screen display brightness will be automatically adjusted according to the outdoor environment brightness to achieve excellent video display effect.

2. Energy consumption

As far as LED light source is concerned, LED screen is an energy-saving and environmental protection product. Semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) is an extremely energy-saving and widely used light-emitting source under the current technical level. The energy-saving effect of LED display screen is 10 times more than that of LCD screen, that is to say, under the same configuration, LCD consumes 10 times more power than led

3. Visual angle

LED screen can achieve a relatively large visual angle, 165 ° viewing angle, the video display is still clear. But the LCD visual angle limit is very big, viewing angle slightly big, cannot see clearly, the video will become fuzzy.

Which is better, LED screen or LCD screen

4. Contrast

The contrast ratio of high-quality LED screen can reach 3000:1, while the contrast of high-quality LCD display screen under the same configuration condition is only 350:1, that is to say, LED screen has nearly 10 times stronger image restoration ability than LCD display screen.

5. Splicing of LED screen

LED screen can realize seamless splicing of large screen, and according to the needs of the project, splicing various shapes of display screen, such as LED special-shaped screen, led magic square screen, arc, circle, column shape and polygon, etc. When the LCD is spliced together, there will be a large gap between the LCD modules. If the viewing distance is far, you will not feel anything. However, if the viewing distance is a little closer, the gap of the large LCD screen will be more obvious, and the display effect will be greatly reduced. Moreover, it is difficult for the LCD display screen to be spliced into other video displays of various shapes, which is also the LED screen is more than the LCD screen Advantages.

6. Scope of application

LED screen has a wide range of use, it can be used for advertising video publicity, indoor and outdoor stage performance, video display released on the spot, video speech of business conference, video propaganda of gymnasium and background matching of various parties, etc. However, the scope of use of LCD display is relatively simple, which is generally used to watch advertisements far away, and more LCD displays are used in TV display, which is commonly referred to as LCD TV.

In addition to the above advantages, LED screen has more advantages than LCD screen in service life, display color, exquisite appearance and production technology. From the above comparison, we have got the answer. Obviously, LED screen is much better than LCD screen. Compared with LED display screen, the only advantage of LCD display screen is that it is cheaper and cheaper than LED display screen, which is also the main reason why LCD display screen can not be completely replaced by LED screen.

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