The first badminton competition of magic lamp technology held successfully

In order to create a healthy and upward corporate culture, create a united, energetic and efficient work team, and increase the sense of identity and belonging of all employees, magic lamp decided to organize the first badminton competition, and all employees can voluntarily sign up for participation according to the actual situation. After the announcement was issued, all colleagues enthusiastically signed up for the competition, reflecting magic lamp's lively and upward team spirit.

According to the company's schedule, the match will be held in Lufeng badminton stadium in Shiyan on Friday afternoon. In addition to some colleagues who have special work to deal with, other personnel participated in the activity. After lunch, all the people gathered together to go to the competition field. The administrative staff arranged the scene environment and prepared the competition equipment. After the preparatory work is done, all participants start to draw lots and decide their opponents according to the number they draw.

The first badminton competition of magic lamp technology held successfully

The competition is in the form of drawing lots, and the elimination competition system is implemented in all competition items;

32 people will participate in the competition, and the opponent will be selected by drawing lots, 1 vs 1, which will be divided into three venues at the same time.

The first round: 16 groups of players 1 vs 1, get 16 scenic spots;

The second round: 16 scenic spots selected opponents for 1 vs 1 duel, divided into 8 groups, got 8 scenic spots;

In the third round, 8 scenic spots will be selected to compete against 1 vs 1 and divided into 4 groups to get 4 scenic spots;

The fourth round: four scenic spots selected opponents 1 vs 1, divided into two groups, two scenic spots

For the first and second place candidates, the two losers are the second runner up candidates.

The fifth round: the two losers in the fourth round will face each other, and the winner will be the runner up; the fourth round will win

The two scenic spots of the ball match, the loser is the second runner up, and the winner is the champion of the game.

The first badminton competition of magic lamp technology held successfully

Competition rules:

1. The competition between players adopts the form of drawing lots, 11 points system and two wins in three games;

2. In each round, the winning party will gain 1 point;

3. When both sides have 10 points, the one who leads the other by 2 points wins the game;

4. When both sides have 19 points, the first 20 points win the game;

5. In the first round of the first game, the winner gets the right to serve by guessing fists;

6. The winner of each game serves first in the next game;

7. At the end of a game, the players will have one minute rest to adjust the time.

In line with the principle of friendship first and competition second, after exciting and fierce promotion, we finally got the candidate for the second runner up. General manager Li presented the prize money to the winners. The competition ended perfectly. After the friendly exchange of the competition, the feelings of all colleagues were further strengthened. After cleaning up the competition field, all the staff held a dinner together to celebrate the perfect ending of magic lamp's first badminton competition.

Magic lamp technology has always adhered to the people-oriented purpose, focusing on the cultivation of friendship between employees, creating a united and harmonious enterprise environment, so that the company and all employees can serve customers in a better state.

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