Brief introduction of LED optical fiber lamp decorated with magic lamp

In the LED products of magic lamp, a new member has been added recently, which is led decorative optical fiber lamp. Maybe many friends don't know much about this new product. Today we will briefly introduce some basic features of this product.

Optical fiber lamp is composed of light source, reflector, filter and optical fiber. Many colorful lighting effects can be produced by using LED optical fiber lamp. For example, various effects such as dazzling stars, meteor shower lighting effect, water lighting effect, optical fiber curtain, etc. make the use of the scene present dreamlike, elegant and high-end lighting color. Generally used in hotels, bars, KTV, living room ceiling, roof and other scenes.

Brief introduction of LED optical fiber lamp decorated with magic lamp

The LED optical fiber lamp of magic lamp is listed in the mode of package, which includes 7W flashlight light source machine, 20 key remote control, optical fiber cable, 12V power adapter, 2-pin DC male connector. Its shape is made of aluminum material. Rf28 key controller is used for remote control adjustment. The length of each optical fiber is 2 meters, the number of optical cables is 300 pcs, and the diameter of each optical fiber is 1mm + 0.75mm light-emitting optical cable at the end.

It uses fiber coupling head to connect the fiber and the machine. It has the advantages of durable, not easy to damage, high brightness, low noise, and the fiber can be cut according to the actual needs. The use of RGB beads can realize the change of RGB color and meet the demand of color lighting effect. The lamp head part adopts reflective design, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of light efficiency.

Brief introduction of LED optical fiber lamp decorated with magic lamp

Installation steps:

1. Use a 1.0mm drill bit to drill and insert the optical fiber and fix it with hot melt adhesive.

2. According to the actual needs of cutting fiber, you can cut off the redundant.

3. Turn on the power and use the remote control to adjust your favorite color.

If you like LED optical fiber lamp, you can go to magic lamp network to learn more about the specifications and detailed installation of optical fiber lamp.

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