What are the differences between LED light belt 3528 and 5050

When we purchase the trial led light belt, there will be many models for us to choose, these different models, different specifications, different effects are to distinguish their own needs to buy. When choosing models, you will often see different numbers, such as 5050 and 3528. What do these numbers mean and what are the differences? Let's have a brief understanding today.

As we all know, LED lamp belt is welded on copper wire or strip flexible circuit board by special processing technology with LED lamp beads, and then connected to the power supply to light up. It is named because its shape when it lights up is like a light belt. Its main function is to decorate and set off the atmosphere. It creates fascinating exhibition space and image through light sculpture, and uses various lighting methods to display the theme image, which makes people associate with each other, evokes people's heart resonance, and establishes mutual emotional communication. It is widely used in modern home decoration, outdoor bridges, buildings, bars, etc. One is to play a decorative role, in addition to many times also take into account the role of lighting.

What are the differences between LED light belt 3528 and 5050

When it comes to 3528 and 5050, it actually refers to the model of LED lamp bead, not the model of lamp belt. There is no model of lamp belt. The light belt has only name, such as ws2812b, ws2811, etc. What we call 5050 light belt and 3528 light belt is actually the difference of the chip size of the internal light bead. 5050 LED light strip indicates that the length of the lamp bead chip is 5.0mm and the width is 5.0mm. Similarly, 3528 LED light strip indicates that the length of the lamp bead is 3.5mm and the width is 2.8mm.

5050 is based on 3528 market demand. The best difference in shape is that 5050 beads are square and 3528 are rectangular. So, the circuit board of 5050 is wider than 3528. In terms of the number and luminous intensity of LED chips, there are three LED chips in 5050 light belt chip, while there is only one LED chip in 3528 light belt. Therefore, the luminous intensity of 5050 light belt is higher than that of 3528 light belt. Generally speaking, 5050 light belt is brighter than 3528 light belt.

Their power and current intensity are also different. The 5050 light belt is 0.18w, driving current intensity is 60mA, while the 3528 light belt is 0.06w, driving current intensity is 20mA. Different light belts need different power supplies.

What are the differences between LED light belt 3528 and 5050

In terms of light distribution brightness, 5050 light belt adopts three beads, and its light distribution brightness is greater than that of 3528 light belt. In numerical value, the light distribution brightness of 5050 light belt is 4500-5500-6500, while that of 3528 light belt is 2000-2400-2800

Because of the different power, the lumen values of the two lamps are different. The lumen value of 5050 LED light strip is 15LM and 18lm, while that of 3528 LED light strip is 7lm

In terms of performance, the luminous intensity of the lamp belt mainly depends on the chip of the lamp bead and the current. Because the chips used for the beads of the two lamps are different, the beads of 5050 lamp belt are larger than those of 3528 lamp belt and the chip material is better, so the luminous capacity of 5050 lamp belt is stronger.

Finally, in general, 5050 light belt is developed on the basis of 3528 light belt. In terms of performance, 5050 light belt has better performance than 3528 light belt, with higher brightness and different power brightness, in order to adapt to different use environment. When selecting LED light belt, we should also pay attention to the one suitable for actual use.

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