How to install the plug of magic lamp belt

Now many families will use magic lamp LED light belt when decorating, but now the lamp has many specifications, and the installation mode of each specification is also different. The power supply voltage used is different, so the plug during installation also needs the correct method. Today we will see how to install the plug with the lamp belt.

1. Check whether the wire of the light belt port is roughly flush with the port

The twist of the LED light belt may cause the wire of the light belt to slide relative to the plastic part of the outside. If there are a lot of wires growing out of the port at the light belt port, it is easy to cause a short circuit by directly plugging in the light belt plug, resulting in burnout of the light belt plug or even the light belt. In this case, please trim the wires growing out of the port slightly. Be careful. If you cut too much, you may directly cut it out, so be sure to look at the line shear on the back of the light belt. Don't cut the beads and any loops in the band. Be sure to pay attention to the wiring inside the light strip. After cutting, connect the plug again, then you can light up the light belt.

How to install the plug of magic lamp belt

2. Open the plastic cover plate of LED lamp with plug.

If you don't turn on the light and connect it with the cover plate, it's difficult for even professionals to connect it, so don't worry about it.

3. Use the wire of the lamp belt aiming at the collimation lamp belt to tie it into the lamp belt.

4. Plug in the plug and check whether the light belt is connected properly. If all the light belts are on, congratulations on your connection. If the LED light belt is not on at all, it means that it is not connected at all. If the LED light belt is on for a while or there is a meter in the middle of the LED light belt, or the first meter or the last meter is not on, it can only indicate that the plug is not connected properly.

How to install the plug of magic lamp belt

5. After confirming that all LED lights are on, cover the cover plate.

6. Finally install LED light belt.

In fact, if you know some basic knowledge of LED light belt, the installation is also very simple. To learn more about the light belt, please pay attention to magic light network.

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