Some knowledge of LED light belt maintenance

Almost now in any field, we can see the figure of LED light belt, its style is more and more, and its use is more and more extensive, but all products have a common feature, that is, no matter what product, there will be faults, all need to be repaired, so how to repair if the light belt has faults, let's learn about one aspect of LED light belt repair together Some knowledge.

Some knowledge of LED light belt maintenance

1. Anti static: as LED is a static sluggish component, if the anti-static measures are not taken when the LED light belt is being repaired, the LED will be burned out, resulting in waste. What we need to pay attention to is that anti-static soldering iron must be used for electric soldering iron, and the same voice training personnel must also take anti-static measures (such as wearing static rings and anti-static boxers).

2. Continuous low temperature: the two main components of the LED light strip, i.e. the adult led and FPC, are all goods that can't last low temperature. If FPC is continuing low temperature or exceeding its acceptance measurement, it will crack the covering film of FPC and indirectly form LED lamp belt scrap. At the same time, LED has not been able to withstand the low temperature continuously. After a long time in the low temperature, its chip will be burned down by the low temperature. Therefore, the electric soldering iron adopted in the cultivation of LED light belt must be temperature controlled electric soldering iron, which limits the measurement to one degree and prevents arbitrary change and setting. In addition, even so, it needs to be noted that the electric soldering iron does not stop at the LED foot for more than 10 seconds when it is being repaired. If it exceeds a certain time, it will burn the LED chip.

3. Short circuit: many LED lights are not on because there is a short circuit at the foot. It is necessary to investigate the real reason why they are not on before repair. Otherwise, after changing the LED that is not on, the chip that forms the LED will be broken by short circuit DC shock when the power is returned again. Because, is changing the new LED in advance, we must first find out the real reason why there is no light, with a targeted ability to do half the work.

Troubleshooting this section

Some knowledge of LED light belt maintenance

Causes of LED light not on:

1. The packaging protection of LED flexible light belt is not perfect, which causes the lamp bead to be damaged due to impact during transportation.

2. The welding point of LED flexible light belt has the phenomenon of faulty welding. The vibration during transportation causes the welding point to fall off and the light belt does not light up.

3. The amount of soldering tin of LED flexible light belt is small, and the solder joint is easy to fall off.

4. The soldering quality of LED flexible light strip is poor, and the solder joints of LED flexible light strip are easy to produce embrittlement and fall off during bending.

5. The bending angle of the LED flexible light belt is too large when it is installed, resulting in the separation of the solder joint of the LED flexible light belt and the copper foil, resulting in the failure to light up.

6. When the LED flexible light belt is installed, it excessively compresses the product, resulting in the damage of the LED flexible light belt chip or the deformation and falling off of the solder joint.

7. The resistance welding layer of LED flexible lamp with circuit board is too thick, so the solder and circuit board cannot be completely integrated during welding, which is also a kind of false welding phenomenon.

8. The LED flexible light belt shall not be twisted during installation. If it is twisted, the solder joint of the LED flexible light belt will fall off and it will not light up.

9. The static electricity is burnt out, because the LED is an electrostatic sensitive component, if the static electricity protection measures are not taken properly, the chip will be burnt out.

When the LED light belt breaks down, don't throw it away in a hurry. You can find the cause of the fault. In many cases, the light belt can be repaired and used continuously. If you want to learn more about LED, please pay attention to the magic light network.

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