What are the advantages of LED strip and conventional lighting tools

LED light belt, as a lighting tool in the new era, has always been popular with people. Compared with traditional lighting lamps, it has many advantages, such as energy conservation, environmental protection, color diversity, brightness adjustable, etc. Of course, there are many other advantages besides these advantages. Let's take a look at all the advantages.

1. LED light with variable colors: it does not only need different color temperature of white, but also other colors. LED can imitate all kinds of colors in nature through different light-emitting chips, which are colorful and vivid.

2. LED lamp with a variety of protection: all the components of world-famous manufacturers are selected, including overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning protection and surge protection, with more stable functions.

3. High color rendering of LED light band: the color rendering of LED is over 85, which is vivid by the color of the illuminated object.

What are the advantages of LED strip and conventional lighting tools

4. LED light belt is solid and durable: because the LED is sealed with epoxy resin or high temperature resistant silica gel, it has strong flexibility, is not afraid of throwing and kneading, and is solid and durable.

5. LED light with no heat: traditional lamps will be accompanied with high heat radiation when they are emitting, and the illuminated objects will be deformed and faded, while LED is a cold light source, and the light has no heat and has no impact on the objects.

6. Long life of LED lamp belt: the life of incandescent lamp is only 1000 hours, the life of energy-saving lamp is only 2000-8000 hours, and the life of LED is 80000-100000 hours.

7. LED lamp with no ultraviolet and infrared: traditional lamp lighting has ultraviolet and infrared, while ultraviolet is harmful to human body, and LED has no ultraviolet and infrared.

8. LED lamp with no stroboscopic: traditional lamps have stroboscopic, which is harmful to both eyes, especially for teenagers. LED is a constant current driver, no stroboscopic, no damage to the eyes, and it can maintain the eyes of teenagers and children.

9. LED lamp with environmental protection: traditional lamp has lead, energy-saving lamp has mercury, which causes great damage to human body and environment; LED is lead-free and mercury free, without any damage to human body, which is a green environmental protection commodity.

10. Power saving of LED lamp belt: 90% less than incandescent lamp and 50% less than energy-saving lamp.

What are the advantages of LED strip and conventional lighting tools

11. High precision of LED lamp with constant current: LED lighting is driven by constant current driving power, and bump of constant current precision is a very important quality evaluation standard for LED lamps. The constant current accuracy of LED lamp is up to 99%.

12. LED lamp bandwidth voltage, brightness adjustable: 12V, 24v36v and 240V, brightness adjustable.

With the continuous development and update of LED light belt, I believe it will have more and more advantages. As the strength brand of LED industry, magic light has been pursuing continuous innovation and progress. Friends who need LED products can log in to magic light network to learn more about LED.

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