What are the advantages of leadless LED lamp

Now with the continuous development of LED technology, LED light belt is also constantly emerging new styles. Today, I will introduce some advantages of leadless light belt to you.

The leadless lamp belt is usually high voltage 220V, so it is wrapped with a thick layer of flame retardant adhesive. The wire, circuit board, etc. are generally made of copper. The bead of the leadless lamp belt determines the service life of the leadless lamp belt. For the sake of electricity safety, it must not be because the price is cheap, but because the quality is the next best. If you get the price for a while, you may get the security risk! Of course, it doesn't rule out that we can find good quality and cheap ones, but such opportunities don't fall out of thin air.

As for the power consumption, it involves the problem of electricity fee, which many users are very concerned about. 3528 lamp beads have a rated power of 0.06w, while 5050 lamp beads have a rated power of 0.18w (0.02A * 3V * 3 = 0.18w). Because there will be a protective resistance in the circuit, so the power consumption of one meter led non lead lamp strip is about 4W and that of one meter 5050 led non lead lamp strip is about 12W according to 60 lamp / m. if installed for tens of meters, the power consumption gap is still large. However, led non lead lamp belt is mainly used to light the lamp slot, with the majority of decorative features, so considering the power consumption, price and other factors, 3528 led non lead lamp belt with 60 lamps per meter.

What are the advantages of leadless LED lamp

The technical advantage of leadless lamp belt: leadless technology. Process advantages: the production process of 300 meter lead-free and splicing free base plate is more stable without solder joints. Advantages of synthetic material: 98% high permeability class III UV resistant environmental protection PVC, two layers of pure copper foil substrate, 5000v anti breakdown pet edge material. Advantages of installation and construction: a variety of alternative cutting, zero loss, more convenient. Quality advantage: the first-class lamp belt test ensures that the products are well tempered and excellent.

Flat four wire led light with LED flat four wire led light with 12 * 24mm is equipped with three groups of independent LEDs. When the three groups of lights are fully on, the brightness is dazzling. When the three groups of lights are alternately on and off, the effect of curve chasing or water chasing can be realized. It is used in places with high decoration brightness requirements or places with strong dynamic effect. We can customize the effect of constant lighting and color changing according to the requirements of customers.

The color rendering index is a very important part in the practical application of LED leadless light strip. When it is applied to large-area light-emitting ceiling as basic lighting or to display lighting in exhibition cabinet, the color rendering index RA > 80 is the requirement that a professional LED leadless light strip must meet. This is also the requirement of national standard gb50034-2013.

What are the advantages of leadless LED lamp

For LED non lead light strip, the importance of light effect has a lot to do with its application scenarios. For example, when it is applied to indirect lighting of light trough, the requirements for light effect are relatively high when it is not applied to large-area light ceiling or exhibition cabinet. However, as a professional LED leadless light strip, the light efficiency should be at least > 80lm / W under the premise of the color rendering index RA > 80. If we can achieve 160lm / W, that's true.

When the LED has no lead lamp belt device, it is usually placed in the lamp slot, and it can be straightened, or fixed with thin rope or wire. If external or vertical installation is required, clip and tail plug shall be purchased separately. The original clips are all transparent. The good thing is to apply waterproof glass glue to the tail plug and the plug after the device is completed, so the waterproof function is better.

You may always hear that the current lighting era is the era of leadless lamp with lighting, but you don't know why people say so. In fact, compared with the incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp in the old lighting era, leadless lamp with lighting has the following five advantages, making it a bright star in the new lighting era:

1. Energy saving: half of the power of ordinary energy-saving lamps is less, and the same power consumption light source is more energy-saving.

2. The long service life and poor service life of the lamp belt without wires are generally over 5000h (H), free of heavy metal manufacturing process and environmental protection.

3. The color of the light belt without wires can be selected in various ways. There is also a kind of light that can adjust the color of the light.

IV. the brightness of the LED free light belt will be good, DC driven, no stroboscopic, and eye protection. But the light is very dazzling. When using, you need to install a diaphragm to soften the light.

V. the voltage of the leadless lamp belt is DC voltage, which is relatively low. It can be installed in the bathroom, at least it will not be damaged by the condensation of water drops.

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