How to adjust the LED light?

As an essential part of modern decoration design, LED light belt is more and more used in different fields. Its main function is not lighting, but often used to create different lighting atmosphere. However, even now most people use different light belt, but not everyone can understand some knowledge about it in detail. Today we will introduce it How to adjust the LED light after installation.

First, let's take a look at the application scenario of LED light belt:

Nowadays, the decoration style of many companies and enterprises follow the modern interior style line, and nude and simple decoration have become the mainstream of decoration methods. The use of different types of LED lights installed in different locations, such as the ceiling or corner or counter, can create the desired atmosphere image of the scene atmosphere. Family decoration is also one of the places that use the most light belts. The ceiling of the living room and the atmosphere of the dining room are inseparable from the decoration of the light belts. In addition, the lamp effect production of the TV background wall uses different color and color temperature light belts to produce different pattern backgrounds. Bookcase and wine cabinet are also used in many places. Indoor stairs are also the places where modern decoration must use LED light belt. It can almost be said that the decoration design of modern families can hardly be separated from the shadow of light belt.

How to adjust the LED light?

What is led strip:

LED lamp belt is a kind of strip lamp commonly used now, which is composed of LED lamp beads and lamp plates of different materials. The slide lamp belt is also equipped with IC chip, which can be used with controller programming, and can produce the desired lighting effect and running horse pattern. The common specifications of lamp belt are 1m / strip, 2m / strip and 5m / strip. Of course, there are other specifications, which need to be customized to the manufacturer in advance.

LED light with dimming can only be realized by adjusting the power supply voltage. There are two main methods:

1. Thyristor tangential voltage regulation

2. Sine wave voltage regulation

Generally, we use autotransformer to test the voltage regulation effect of sine wave, because autotransformer can adjust the voltage, and the output is the alternating current of sine wave.

Through the experiment, we can find that the working power of the LED light belt can play a greater role by using the autotransformer, that is, sine wave voltage regulation.

Moreover, we will find that the whole process is smoother when the sine wave voltage regulation is used to adjust the light and shade of the LED strip, and the SCR tangential voltage regulation process can obviously feel the light and shade jump gap.

How to adjust the LED light?

Thyristor tangential voltage regulation:

The tangential voltage regulation of thyristor is to change the waveform of motor terminal voltage by changing the conduction angle of thyristor, so as to change the effective value of motor terminal voltage and achieve the purpose of voltage regulation.

In fact, there are two kinds of silicon controlled dimming, one is triac dimming, which is also called front tangent dimming, the other is inverse controlled dimming (i.e. back tangent dimming), which is also called ELV dimming. Theoretically speaking, back edge dimming is more suitable for LED dimming.

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