Sk6812rgb four in one LED light belt

Sk6812rgb four in one LED light belt is a multi-functional lamp production lamp. It can be applied to different fields and has a variety of connection methods. It is a product widely used by magic lamp users at present. Today we will introduce some basic properties of it.

1. Product model: btf-dc5v-30 / 60 / 144led-sk6812rgbnw

2. Light source: SMD 5050 built-in icrgbnw point control lamp bead

3. Plate: FPCB;

4. Chip: Taiwan wafer chip, and other chips in Taiwan;

5. IC model sk6812rgbw (60 ICs per meter, one IC controls one LED lamp);

6. Gray level: 256 (1.30, 60, 144 pixels) + pure white light;

7. Led quantity: 30 / 60 lights / 144 / m, each light is a group, which can be cut;

8. Luminous angle: 180 °;

9. Luminous color: it can be adjusted to white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc. through the controller;

10. Standard working voltage: DC 5V;

11. Power: 9W, 18W 43.2w ± 10% / M;

12. Waterproof grade: non waterproof (IP30), glue dropping (IP65), casing (IP67), casing

Solid filling (IP68), etc;

13. Size of FPCB board: width: 10 mm, thickness: 3 mm;

14. FPCB color: white, yellow, black (customized except for white);

Sk6812rgb four in one LED light belt

Installation mode and main items of rgbnw slide strip:

1. Indoor installation: LED light belt is relatively simple for indoor installation, because it does not have to withstand wind and rain

Fight. During installation, the stickers on the 3M double-sided adhesive surface on the back of the light strip can be removed directly, and then the light strip can be fixed

It's better to press flat at the place to be installed. If corner or light bar is too long or too short, l

The ED light belt can be cut or welded at any tangent of each group with scissor mark.

2. Outdoor installation: because outdoor installation can withstand wind and rain, 3M glue cannot be used for fixation

This outdoor installation usually adopts the way of fixing the card slot, and the places, methods and rooms that need to be cut and connected

The inner installation is the same, but it needs to be equipped with waterproof glue additionally to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point.

3. Power connection method: LED slide with general voltage of DC 5V, so it needs to be turned on

Turn off the power supply. The size of the power supply depends on the power of the LED light belt and the connection length.

4. Controller connection mode: LED running light belt and RGBW full color light belt need to be realized by controller

The control distance of each controller is different. Generally speaking, simple controller

The control distance of the remote controller is 15 to 20 meters, and the maximum control distance is 10 to 15 meters

Control the distance to 30 meters. If the LED light belt has a long connection distance and the controller cannot control that

So we need to use a power amplifier to tap the lamp.

Sk6812rgb four in one LED light belt

Power + controller + light bar

1. First identify the direction: there are some small arrows on each section of light bar, and the direction indicated by the arrow is the output

The tail direction of the arrow is the input, which is the direction of the link signal

Wiring direction;

2. There is one at the input end of each roll of light bar (that is, the front of the tail direction of the arrow on the light bar)

Three color (red green white) butt joint and a two color (red white) butt joint;

Three color connector (red green white) connected to controller:

The red positive pole is not connected (or connected to the positive pole of 5V power supply on the power supply)

Green signal is connected to the output port on the controller, which is usually data

The ground terminal (i.e. 5V negative pole) on the white ground connection controller is generally GN

D or com

Two color connector (red and white) connected to power supply:

The positive pole on the red positive 5V power transformer is usually + V

The negative pole on the white negative 5V power transformer is usually: - V or com

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