Brief introduction of ws2801 LED strip

I think people who know some basic knowledge of LED light belt know that the light belt can be divided into monochrome light belt and slide color light belt. I have introduced several other types before, and today I will introduce some specification parameters of ws2801 slide color LED light belt for you.

Product parameters:

[product name]: slide strip

[IC model]: ws2801

[voltage]: 5V

[IC quantity]: 32pc / M

[power]: 7.68w/m.38w/roll

[size]: 5000 * 12 * 2.4mm

[Specification]: 5m per roll, ip20.ip67

Operating instructions: DC5V transformer + 5V magic color controller + lamp belt

Product Description:

Led full-color light strip is also called led slide strip, led slide strip, LED digital light strip, etc. the product uses constant current IC for single point control, and uses a 5050RGB chip lamp bead, which is installed on FPCB (flexible circuit board). The folding and flexible waterproof grade reaches IP68, with a roll length of 5m. The light strip is fixed with 3M adhesive tape or buckle screw, low-voltage DC power supply and multiple hair Light color.

Brief introduction of ws2801 LED strip

Main features:

1. Control principle: an IC controls an led to form a circuit (a group), and the controller controls the circuit in FPCB by controlling the IC, so as to control different effects of LED light bar changes; such as flashing, chasing, jumping, clockwise running, counterclockwise running, monochrome running, chameleon running, single chasing from head to tail, flowing water, simulating lightning, etc.; change of this light bar The effect is not limited to 94 kinds of effects built in the controller at present, which can be compiled by ourselves according to the needs of customers; the form of screen can be displayed in the form of text, letters, pictures, animations, etc.

2. Environmental protection and safety: high quality SMD 5050 LED is adopted. The utility model has the advantages of small power consumption, small heat generation, no glare, impact resistance, etc. Low voltage DC 5V, 12V power supply, high safety and reliability.

3. Various colors can be adjusted by the controller according to the needs of customers.

4. Long service life: the average service life is 80000 hours.

5. Cutting and welding are convenient and free: each group of LED can form a circuit, which can be cut off and welded along the tangent line to meet the requirements of various lamp strip lengths required by customers.

6. Softness: the flexible FPCB plate is used as the base plate, which can be butted, bent, cut and fixed on the concave and convex surface at will.

7. Light and thin: suitable for installation in narrow space.

Brief introduction of ws2801 LED strip

Place of use:

1. Polygonal walls and water drop ceilings in hotels / nightclubs / KTV and other places set off the atmosphere of decoration;

2. Buildings, advertising walls, signboards, festivals and other decoration fields have beautiful / bright effects on the city;

3. Home decoration lighting (stairs, doorframes, bars, wine cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, DIY home decoration...) ;

4. Car beauty (car body, underbody...) ;

5. Sketch the outline of landmark buildings, pavilions, bridges, parks, etc., with the lighting effect at the beginning.

6. Lighting signal (such as various luminous indication signs)

7. Edge lighting transparent or diffused materials

8. Support underwater lighting project

9. Edge of canopy and bridge arch / amusement park / theater / cockpit lighting

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