Brief introduction of magic lamp sp108e controller

Magic lamp sp108e is a kind of LED slide strip controller with high usage. It can match with most of the slide strip in the market, and it is very simple to use. It has Bluetooth transmission function and can be controlled by mobile app, so that the slide strip can show different light effects.

Product specification:

Operating temperature: - 20 ~ 60 ℃

Working voltage: DC5V ~ 24V;

Working current: 20mA ~ 130mA;

Distance: 30 meters;

Product size: 85mm * 45mm * 22mm;

Product weight: 40g;

Certificate: CE, RoHS

Product introduction:

Even if the LED bars are located in different areas, it is necessary to synchronize multiple sp108es. It only works on 2.4G wireless networks. Don't use 5g wireless network. IOS 10 / Android 4.4 or later. Support all common ICs, such as ws2811, ws2812b, ws2801, sk6812, sk6812 RGBW, ws2813, sk9822, apapa102, ws2818, LPD6803, lpd8806, TM 1913, ucs1903, s16703, DMX512, etc. (do not control 5050RGB or RGBW led tape, no IC)

Brief introduction of magic lamp sp108e controller

[rich color mode] 180 multi-color dynamic modes, 8 single color modes, such as meteor, breath, wave, catch-up, stack, flash, flow and still. Color, brightness and speed are all adjustable.

[capture your favorite image] WiFi controller has creative image to effect function. It can capture the color of the image, create a unique color effect, and synchronize the color of the light with the atmosphere of the room.

[user friendly design] the total maximum is 2048 pixels (re command 1500 pixels). Save user settings when power is off. DC 5V / DC12V / 24V wide working voltage; reverse connection protection; heat exchange protection

Product features:

1) remote control through WiFi;

2) support routing mode (AP) and LAN connection mode (STA);

3) almost all kinds of single or double line driver IC are supported;

4) the brightness is adjustable, with 180 patterns and 8 color adjustable patterns;

5) creatively use the method from image to effect to let users get any effect;

6) support to set the number of pixels and segments, and be able to control up to 2048 pixels;

7) DC 5V ~ 24V wide range working voltage to prevent reverse connection of power supply;

8) save user settings;

Application control:

IOS version and Android operating system. (Hardware shall support WiFi)

*IOS version 10.0 or later is required;

• Android operating system version 4.4 or later is required;

• pay or scan QR code in the app store or Google to download and install apps:

Brief introduction of magic lamp sp108e controller

1) 4. Working mode and connection:

AP mode:

The controller is directly connected to the telephone and serves as an access point.

Connection steps:

1) when the device is not connected to any WiFi network, the power on the controller waits for 20, and then the controller will switch to AP mode;

2) on the WiFi setting page, find and connect the controller (named likesph 108 XXX, the preset pin code is 12345678),

3) open the LED store application, and then the controller will be displayed on the device list;

Sta mode:

The controller and mobile phone are in the same wireless network, in which users can operate the controller smoothly.

Connection steps:

1) when the device is not connected to any wireless network, the power supply on the controller will remain in the wait for connection mode for 20 seconds;

2) make sure your mobile phone is connected to the wireless network, open the LED store app, press the add device button, enter the wireless fidelity password, and then press 'OK' to wait for the configuration processing to be completed;

3) when the controller successfully enters the WiFi network, it will be displayed on the device list;

4) the user can select the controller and delete it from the network by pressing the delete device button, and then the controller will switch to AP mode.

Product packaging list:

1X sp108e Bluetooth LED controller

1X 3pinjst connector

1X micro screwdriver

1X user manual

(Note: power supply / mobile / controller / LED strip not included!)

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