Specification and application scope of 3014led light belt with magic light highlight

There are many kinds of LED lights that we use in our daily life. Different places need different light belts to create a suitable atmosphere. For example, bars and KTV need magic color lights to create a colorful horse running atmosphere. But for projects, we need monochrome light belts, such as tunnels, bridges and other places. So the 3014 high brightness LED light belt produced by magic lamp is specially used in various projects, and is also a main product of magic lamp at present. Let's learn some specifications of it.

Name: 3014 highlight (single lamp 10-11 lumens)

Color: warm white / Blue / natural white / White / red / Green / yellow / Pink / ice blue

Voltage: 12V

Power: 9W / M (301400.1w (3014), energy saving more than 90%

Service life: 50000 hours

Packaging: electrostatic bag, plastic disc, neutral packaging

Specification and application scope of 3014led light belt with magic light highlight

Product features:

1. It is easy to install, and the back of the light strip is pasted with strong double-sided adhesive.

2. It has the advantages of bright color, soft light, small size, energy saving and environmental protection, rich color, etc.

3. In case of high temperature and low temperature, it will not change color or deform. It is safe and convenient to use low voltage, conventional 12V DC power supply.

4. Low carbon environmental protection, no radiation, no stroboscopic, strong and high seismic performance, it is a new generation of green environmental protection high-tech products.

5. It has strong plasticity and can be bent at will - fixed on the uneven surface, and can be bent into various words and figures.

Scope of application:

1. Shopping malls, jewelry stores, brand chain stores for counter lighting.

2. Exhibition hall, display cabinet, cabinet, museum, shop, home lamp slot.

3. Car beauty, interior decoration, lights, car body, underbody decoration, etc.

4. Building outline, bridge, urban lighting engineering and indoor and outdoor outline decoration of various high-end places.

Specification and application scope of 3014led light belt with magic light highlight

matters needing attention:

1. It can be folded in half to a right angle, but it cannot be repeated many times.

2. It is better to heat the adhesive tape on the back slightly before pasting, which is more firm.

3. This lamp bar is 12V. If it is connected to household 220V power supply, it needs to be equipped with adapter (or switch power supply).

These are the basic parameters of 3014 high brightness light belt. Those who need LED products but don't know their specifications can pay attention to magic light net. Magic light will often share some knowledge about LED light belt to you. Meanwhile, those who need light belt products can also directly go to magic light 1688 shop to buy the products they need. Magic light will follow with the best quality and best service. Every friend cooperates.

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