Precautions for LED display of magic lamp

The LED series products produced by magic lamp can be used in various fields. In addition to the mainstream light belt, there are also led display screens that are often applied to different places, such as square large screen, billboards, store signs, etc. So what should we pay attention to when using the LED display? Today we will learn about it.

1, dead point

The dead point of LED display screen refers to a single point that is always bright or black on the display screen. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the tube core. The lower the dead point, the better the display.

Precautions for LED display of magic lamp

2, brightness

Brightness has a great influence on indoor LED display screen. Too high brightness is easy to damage human vision and human health. Too low brightness will lead to unclear display of the screen image. Generally speaking, the brightness of indoor LED display screen should be 800cd / ㎡ - 2000cd / ㎡. The brightness of different brands of LED display screen products is also different.

3. Color reducibility

The reducibility of the display screen to the color means that the color displayed on the display screen should be highly consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image.

4. Flatness

The flatness of the display will affect the quality of the displayed image. In the industry, the flatness of the indoor LED rental screen box surface is kept within ± 1mm, and the local bulge or concave of the box surface will lead to the dead angle of the visual angle of the display screen. The flatness is determined by the production process. The manufacturer of LED display screen should pay attention to this problem.

Precautions for LED display of magic lamp

5. Visual angle

The visual angle of LED display directly determines the number of LED display audience. The larger the visual angle is, the better the audience will be. The visual angle is affected by the LED core packaging. Therefore, when choosing the indoor LED rental screen, we should also pay attention to the packaging mode of the tube core.

These are the main points that need to be paid attention to for the basic LED display screen. The display screen produced by magic lamp integrates these factors to avoid these problems and ensure the high quality of the products. Friends who need to go to the LED display screen can go to magic lamp network to learn more about the products.

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