LED light with accessories generally refers to

In our daily decoration, we usually use LED lights to bring indoor lighting effects. Whether we purchase the light belt decoration or outsourcing it to the decoration company, we will see the item of LED light belt accessories in the list of light belt. I believe most of our friends don't know what these accessories are. In fact, these common sense are also very well understood, but many people are not very connected. Touch LED light belt products, plus the light belt is generally installed in a concealed way, which can not be seen directly from the outside, and the effect of not seeing the light, so many people do not understand the light belt, which is also very normal. So let's get to the bottom of the matter. What do LED lights with accessories generally refer to? Let's have a look at them together.

The main function of using LED lamp belt in decoration is to set off the atmosphere with lamp effect. The most used position is the living room ceiling, which can increase the sense of space level and set off the desired living room atmosphere. There are also TV background walls, wine cabinets, bookcases and other places, with different lighting effects, can produce lighting effects suitable for the scene, so LED lighting can be said to be an indispensable part of modern decoration. According to the communication with some users and some knowledge accumulated in daily life, magic lamp sums up some common knowledge about LED lamp belt, hoping to help friends who decorate and use the lamp belt.

LED light with accessories generally refers to

LED light with red, yellow, blue, green, positive white, warm white and other monochromatic light, now there are seven color light with a series. The most commonly used single color light belt for home decoration is warm white light, positive white light and so on, which gives people elegant light effect and can be applied to a variety of atmosphere, while the colorful light belt is mostly used in bars, stages, KTV and other entertainment places, and the light belt of different light-emitting models is used in different places.

The types of LED light belt accessories that are often used in daily life are 3528 light belt and 5050 light belt (3528 refers to the LED light source scale, 3.2mm long and 2.8mm wide, 5050 refers to the LED light source length and width are both 5.0mm). On the one hand, the difference between them is that the scale is different. There are three LED chips in 5050 light beads, and only one LED chip in 3528. Therefore, under the same number of light beads, the brightness of 5050 light belt is 3528 light belt. Three times of its power, but its power is also three times of its, of course, the price will be more expensive.

In terms of energy consumption, the rated power of 3528 single lamp beads is 0.06w (0.02A * 3V = 0.06w), while the rated power of 5050 is 0.18w (0.02A * 3V * 3 = 0.18w). In addition, maintenance resistance will be added to the circuit. In this way, according to 60 lamps / M, the power consumption of 3528 lamp strips per meter is 4W, and that of 5050 lamp strips per meter is 12W. If they are widely applicable, their power consumption gap is still large. The lamp belt used for home decoration is generally only for the decoration of the ceiling lamp slot, and will not rely on it to play a lighting role, so considering the energy consumption and price factors, 3528 lamp belt is the most used in home decoration, while 5050 is generally the most used in engineering.

LED light with accessories generally refers to

Said back to the LED lamp with accessories, it consists of LED lamp beads, circuit boards, wires, glue, resistors and other related accessories. Lamp beads are divided into many brands and models. At present, 5050RGB lamp beads are commonly used in mainstream lamp belts. For other accessories, there are some common accessories in the market. Generally, LED lamp belts have fixed specifications when they leave the factory, such as 1m / plate and 5m / plate. If the fixed length is needed, the manufacturer needs to be contacted in advance for customization. There is also a fixed cutting out for each light belt. When cutting the light belt, it must be cut according to the cutting place. Otherwise, the wrong cutting will cause damage to that group of light belts. These are the places that need attention during installation.

The basic accessories of LED light belt usually include power supply, connecting wire, buckle, etc., and the controller, remote controller, etc. If you buy a light belt suit, these accessories will be delivered by the merchants. Check whether these accessories are complete before receiving the goods. Finally, it is recommended that friends who need LED light belt or its accessories can pay attention to magic light net, and various types of light belt and accessories can be selected.

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