A Brief Introduction to the Headlamp of Magic Lamp New Mirror

Magic Lamp, as a professional production and sales enterprise in the LED industry, has been constantly innovating in technology and products. Recently, Magic Lamp has launched a popular product: Mirror Headlamp. Once this product is on the shelf, it is loved by the majority of users. Maybe some friends who have not used it do not know what a mirror headlamp is. Now let's take a look at the introduction of the mirror headlamp.

As the name implies, the mirror headlamp is a kind of lamp installed in front of the mirror. It is usually made of LED material, which can play the role of light compensation and lighting. Generally, the use of the mirror headlamp when making up will highlight the cosmetic effect, so as to make up. Magic headlamp is a kind of LED bulb made of 5050 chip beads with high color value and brightness. There are ten lamps in one set. Each bulb can be divided into three color temperatures, which can be adjusted freely according to demand. Moreover, the paste installation method can be directly attached to the wall around the mirror or directly to the mirror surface, avoiding the inconvenience caused by the drilling installation, which is very convenient and practical.

A Brief Introduction to the Headlamp of Magic Lamp New Mirror


Product Type: JL-JW-02 Product Size: 50mm

Power: 0.72W Material: PC Mask + Plastic Base

Light Source: 5050 Chip Voltage: DC5V

Male and female connectors: working temperature of USB plug: - 30 C - 40 C

Luminescent color: positive white/warm white/natural light protection level: indoor dust control

Scope of application: cosmetic mirror, supplementary lamp, interior decorative lamp, etc.

A Brief Introduction to the Headlamp of Magic Lamp New Mirror

Installation mode:

The mirror headlamp of magic lamp is installed in a convenient way without holes. The two sides of the lamp holder are torn off and pasted directly on the mirror or the surrounding wall. If the mirror is fixed on the wall and does not move for a long time, it is recommended to install the headlamp on the surrounding wall. If it is a stand-alone stereoscope, it can be pasted directly on the mirror, so that the lamp and the mirror can move together, and then remove the lamp without moving the mirror. Easy to install, is also a bright spot of this mirror headlamp.

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