How to Install LED Lamp Belt in Computer Cabinet

With the continuous application of LED lamp band in various fields, more and more people will use it to make light effects decorating some small places, such as interior lighting decoration of automobiles, ceiling lighting effect of rooms, lighting decoration of computer chassis, etc. Large areas such as ceiling may be easier to install, so how to install LED light belt in small space such as computer chassis? Let's learn about it today.

First of all, we will understand the meaning of some chassis and LED lamp belt. The chassis is a tool specially designed to support and protect various parts of the computer, which is an indispensable part of the computer and also plays an important role in shielding electromagnetic radiation. LED lamp strip is also called LED lamp strip, because it is shaped like a strip, so according to its meaning and other related materials are called lamp strip.

How to Install LED Lamp Belt in Computer Cabinet

When installing the LED light belt in the computer case, we should first choose the type of the light belt. Different light belts show different lighting effects. If you like the cool light effect, you can choose the slide series, but this kind of light belt needs to be equipped with a controller, so we should consider that the space of the case is insufficient. Monochrome lamp belt can also be selected. This kind of lamp belt is relatively simple to install and occupies relatively small space. It is usually fixed by double-sided glue, so it is very convenient to install, as long as the double-sided glue behind is torn off, and then the lamp belt is pasted onto the cabinet.

When the lamp belt needs to be equipped with special plugs, it is not possible to use conventional plugs directly. How many plugs are needed to be installed according to the number of segments needed to configure. Generally, the lamp belt uses more 12V and 4.8W power, so it needs to use a driving power supply matching 12V DC input. Of course, the easiest way is to buy a special lamp belt for the computer chassis directly, which can be used by plugging it into the 4P interface of the chassis power supply.

How to Install LED Lamp Belt in Computer Cabinet

The installation of the lamp belt also needs to pay attention to some matters. The regular manufacturers of the lamp belt have product instructions. Before installation, you should read the instructions carefully to understand some basic knowledge of the type you choose. If you don't know much about the lamp belt, don't try to operate it easily to avoid unnecessary losses. Before installation, you can check some articles or watch some product installation videos, which is very helpful to you in the process of installation.

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