Cautions for Choosing Low Voltage LED Lamp Belt

As one of the most important products of the LED series, the LED lamp band has been used more and more in various fields in recent years. With the continuous development of products, technology is also constantly updated. The new type of lamp band produced by the research is becoming more and more intelligent, and the style is more and more, and the specifications are more and more. In this way, when purchasing and using, we need to choose the specifications of the lamp band according to the use. Today, we will find out what we need to pay attention to when choosing the low-voltage lamp band.

Low-voltage lamp belt, 12V is the most common specification, general family decoration or other small venues decoration are chosen to use 12V lamp belt, on the one hand, some friends are not familiar with the specifications of the lamp belt, relying on the recommendation of the shop to choose. Others feel that the 12V lamp belt is widely used and the price is relatively low, so they also choose to use the 12V lamp belt. The other is 24V, which is widely used in large-scale projects, such as shopping mall decoration, building appearance decoration, stage decoration, etc. Because the pressure drop of 24V is lower, the lighting effect of this kind of lamp belt will be better, and the number of power supply can be reduced, so that the cost and resources can be saved. Is a low-voltage lamp belt neutral cost-effective products.

Cautions for Choosing Low Voltage LED Lamp Belt

In addition to these two more common, there are constant voltage lamp belt can also be used as a low-voltage lamp belt. What is a constant voltage lamp belt? That is to say, when the voltage is constant, the connected lamp band can be used normally, instead of adjusting the lamp band with the change of the voltage. The constant voltage lamp belt does not flicker under constant voltage. When the voltage changes, the lamp belt will also flicker. Normal constant voltage lamp belt can not see flicker with naked eyes, while inferior lamp belt can see the phenomenon of clear flicker at a glance. This is also a way to distinguish between good and bad light bands.

Power supply is also an important factor in the use of low-voltage lamp belts. Many users are casually buying a power supply to connect to use, so it is easy to damage the lamp belt, because different types of lamp belt should be equipped with different power supply, low-voltage lamp belt if connected to high-voltage power supply, it is easy to be damaged by current, these are noteworthy.

Cautions for Choosing Low Voltage LED Lamp Belt

Finally, we tell you that when choosing the lamp belt, we must recognize that the regular manufacturers produce, with qualified certificates and perfect after-sales protection. Now with the development of LED industry, many small factories and businessmen have begun to produce lamp belts. In order to save costs, some factories will save the process and material of lamp belts production, so the products produced can not guarantee their quality, so we must compare three products and choose regular products. Magic Lamp is a professional and high-tech manufacturer of LED lamp tape. All products are certified by 3C. Every product has a certificate and excellent after-sales guarantee service. It is worth every user's choice.

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