Main application fields of ws2812b slide tape

Friends who have known about the LED lamp belt know that with the continuous development of science and technology, the lamp belt has also changed from the bulb lamp belt at the beginning to the current series of LED. In the current lamp belt, there are not only monochrome lamp belt, seven-color lamp belt, but also slide belt and so on. The monochrome lamp belt is the simplest one in the series of LED, its beads are monochrome, only can it be used. Give out a fixed color. Compared with monochrome lamp band, the seven-color lamp band has been upgraded. Its beads can emit several different colors, and there are also cold and warm colors. The slide tape is the most advanced one in the current LED series. Its beads are independently programmable, and each bead can emit different colors at the same time to achieve different needs of color effect. Moreover, it can program fixed running water effect and horse running effect, and can be used in any place. So as a popular product in the slide tape. Ws2812b slide tapes are mainly used in what areas, we will come together to understand.

First of all, the use of entertainment places such as bars, KTV, stage and so on. As a backdrop of the lighting atmosphere, these places require higher lighting efficiency than other places, and the lighting effects set by these places have various patterns, various scenes, rather than random use of messy lighting effects. Stage background 1 Generally, the programmed horse running effect will be used, and the mesa will also use the water lighting effect suitable for the whole scene of the stage. These are all realized by single-point single-control programmable lights, and the ws2812b slide tape is the best product to meet these needs.

Main application fields of ws2812b slide tape

Parks, outdoor decoration effect: Now with the improvement of living standards, people's quality of leisure life is getting higher and higher, so now many urban parks will use LED lights to decorate various landscapes, in order to satisfy people's visual experience of lighting effect at night. And in the roadside, lakeside and other places will also be used to bring lights to play a guiding role in lighting. These places have higher requirements for the lamp belt, not only to have programmable functions, but also to be able to waterproof and dust-proof functions, these ordinary lamp belt can not meet these needs, while the ws2812b slide belt can completely achieve these effects and meet these needs.

The interior decoration of the shopping mall and the sightseeing effect of the building can also be produced by using the LED lamp. Whether it is the commercial lighting decoration inside the shopping mall or the overall lighting effect of the whole building, there are small beads of light produced. These places use so many lamp belts, so we need the lamp with the function of intermittent transmission. The damage of the beads anywhere will not affect the work of other beads. However, if one of the lamp beads is damaged, the latter will not work. Therefore, when choosing the lamp belt, it is also an important standard for some places to use the lamp belt without the function of intermittent transmission.

Main application fields of ws2812b slide tape

Advertising boards and shop signboards are not made with advertising cloth as before. Most of the photo shop signboards nowadays are made with LED screens or LED beads, which is not only beautiful, but also can be displayed at night to increase the atmosphere and atmosphere of the shop. If you use the LED pixel screen to make it directly, you just need to show the programmed things on the screen. But the use of beads, the need for a single point of single control effect, but also to have the function of continuous transmission of breakpoints, so that programming can show any desired patterns and effects, and a bead damage will not affect the whole sign work.

Basically, these are the main application areas of the ws2812b slide tape, and it can be used anywhere else that needs programming display effect. As the star product of the magic lamp, the quality and after-sales of the ws2812b slide tape are guaranteed. Friends who need the slide tape can go to the magic lamp net to learn about it.

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