Magic Lantern Family Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival

Time passed quickly, and soon it was the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. On this festival of missing relatives and reunion, the Magic Lantern Family also held a grand celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival. Magic Lamp has always adhered to the people-oriented concept of the company, striving to create a corporate atmosphere into a form of large family, and the magic lamp staff has been maintaining this concept, we are like family members, mutual help and love, work together to devote to the development of the company and sincere service to customers.

Magic Lantern Family Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival

At the beginning of the event, the moderator had a dialogue of opening remarks, and then the groups began to show their carefully prepared programs, such as catching up with animals, guessing numbers, etc. The whole process of the activity has been full of everyone's laughter and laughter. After the event, Magic Lantern Li always distributes moon cakes and red envelopes to all of you and wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. We also wish the future and future of the magic lamp together. We believe that with the joint efforts of the members of the magic lamp, the magic lamp will be better and better, more and more able to serve the society and customers with better quality. We express our determination to make every tomorrow of the magic lamp more beautiful.

Although everyone is far away from home, in the Magic Lantern family, everyone will not feel lonely, some are just warm and full. Magic Lantern members are not only colleagues in the work, but also family members in life. Everyone heartfelt to maintain this group, grow the family.

Magic Lantern Family Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival

After the event, everyone returned to their posts and immediately devoted themselves to work. Every group building of magic lantern can make everyone feel happy and warm. After every activity, everyone will have new experience and understanding, understand the importance of unity and cooperation, and cherish the hard-won kinship. Magic lantern, so that every member can experience the feeling of home, if you want to join the magic lantern play a large group of friends, you can pay attention to the magic lantern website recruitment column, magic lantern sincerely welcome your friends to join.

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