The Process and Function of LED Lamp Band Aging Testing

here are many kinds of LED lamps used in our daily decoration and decoration, and different occasions also need to install different lights to set off the atmosphere. Many users will know more or less about the specifications of some lamp bands, but there are many processes in the production process of lamp bands. Today, we will learn about some process of aging test of lamp bands. And its function.

Aging testing process:

1. Place the semi-finished lamp strip on the test stand, and then connect it to the corresponding power supply according to the input voltage of the lamp strip. When receiving, we must pay attention not to connect the wrong power supply, otherwise it will cause damage to the lamp belt.

2. After turning on the power switch of the test stand, check every test lamp band to see if it has been fully lit, and ensure that the lamp band works at full power during the test process, so as to maximize the aging of the lamp band.

3. The test time is generally 24-48 hours. During the test process, the test of power supply and power cut should be carried out at 20 seconds interval. And every two hours, the test of shaking and beating should be carried out to see if there is any situation of not lighting, extinguishing, darkening and flickering.

4. If there are bad phenomena in the aging process, it is necessary to stop the test of this lamp band, and give the problem lamp to the relevant personnel for repair, so as to ensure the quality of the whole lamp band.

5. Testers should record the test at intervals and check whether the lamp band under test is normal or not. If there is an abnormal lamp band, it can be handled in time.

6. After the aging test is completed in accordance with the corresponding procedures, the power supply of the test stand should be switched off in time after checking for no problems. After the surface temperature of the test stand drops to normal temperature, the test stand should be removed from the test stand and placed in the designated place to wait for the next process operation.

The Process and Function of LED Lamp Band Aging Testing

Aging Testing Function:

Why do lamp belts do aging test? It is a process of lighting test before lamp belts are fully put into use. Aging test is to ensure the quality of lamp belts and maximize the service life of lamp belts. Aging test needs to be carried out in a special space with temperature of 20-35 C and humidity of 55-95%. The lamp belt is lit on the aging test stand and operated by professionals. The test time is more than 24 hours before the lamp belt after aging test can be put into use.

The Process and Function of LED Lamp Band Aging Testing

Notes for Aging Testing:

All production operations should adhere to the principle of safety first. First of all, the testing site, tools and equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure the safety in the process of work.

Testers must be professional, have test experience, can not use novice direct operation.

The test stand must be grounded, and the aging test operation must be carried out without grounding wire.

In the process of testing, professionals should check regularly, not for a long time without checking the test situation.

When the lamp belt is on and off the rack, we should pay attention to safety and avoid accidents.

The aging test of LED lamp band is an important link in the production process of lamp band. The aging test not only guarantees the quality of lamp band, but also checks the hidden danger of the product's use safety. Every product of magic lamp is manufactured strictly according to the qualified production standard to ensure the quality and high use of each lamp band and product. Quality lamp belt, choose magic lamp.

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