Some basic knowledge of magic lamp ws2811 lamp string

Most of us know that there are many kinds of LED strips, including slide strips, seven-color strips, full-color strips, monochrome strips and so on. And many people do not know about the LED lamp string, in fact, it is also a kind of LED lamp belt, magic lamp today for you to introduce some basic knowledge about the ws2811 lamp string.

First, the characteristics of ws2811 LED lamp string:

1. It can combine all kinds of desired effects arbitrarily and give full play to the advantages of LED point light source. It is suitable for making LED exterior light-emitting characters, large-scale LED advertising signs, etc. It can also decorate Park plants, bonsai, false flowers and so on.

2. With special design of clamp, it is possible to drill holes directly during installation, which makes installation simpler, saves time and improves efficiency, and all kinds of plates can punch holes.

4. Using high-tech LED chip, it has the characteristics of strong brightness, uniform light and color, saturated color, long life, low attenuation, etc. The product quality is guaranteed.

5. Parallel connection is adopted in connection mode, so that even if one lamp bead fails to turn on, it will not affect the work of other lamp beads, and it will not turn on the whole lamp belt unlike the series connection.

6. WS2811 lamp string adopts intelligent control system, which can realize gradual change, jump, chasing, displaying various effects, graphics and text, and can be controlled asynchronously and synchronously. The lamp string can be arranged at will, so that it can meet the needs of different users.

Some basic knowledge of magic lamp ws2811 lamp string

2. Specifications and uses of ws2811 LED lamp string:

1. Working voltage: 12V.

2. The color of lamp string: red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, orange, double color, multicolor, full color.

Usage: Use LED light strings as light-emitting words and signboards to highlight the brand and fashion, and greatly enhance the scale and grade of merchants. Mainly used in the top of the building characters, hotels, KTV and other entertainment signs, shop signs, door signs, etc.

3. The method and steps of making LED light-emitting words:

1. Tools needed: 40W or 60W electric soldering iron, soldering tin, electric drill, rubber gun, screwdriver, punching iron, wire, magic LED light-emitting word power supply.

3. Punching: The spacing of the aperture is determined by the installation height and the production cost. Generally, the spacing between the centers of the LED is 10-30 mm, the spacing is small, the brightness is high, and the cost is higher.

4. Interpolation: After cleaning all the drilled holes, install lights one by one.

5. Wiring: Already made LED lamp string, each string will have reserved wires, red to the positive pole of the power supply, black to the negative pole of the power supply, power supply to be placed in the power supply box.

6. Testing aging: After connecting all the LED lights in series, check to see if they are not on, and then carry out aging testing for 48 hours.

7. After confirming that there is no problem, go to the site to install it.

Some basic knowledge of magic lamp ws2811 lamp string

Fourth:matters needing attention in use:

1. The voltage of ws2811 LED lamp string is 5V and 12V. When installing, pay attention to which type of voltage to use.

2. The cross-sectional area of the wire drawn from the power supply shall not be less than 4 square millimeters.

3. The electronic wire of the lamp string is red connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and black connected to the negative pole of the power supply.

5. If there is a phenomenon that individual beads do not turn on, first check the lights or lines, if not, directly replace the LED lights.

6. Dual-color and seven-color LED full-color waterproof exposed lamp string is common positive pole, the controller controls the negative pole.

7. Red is the positive pole in the four lines of full-color LED exposed waterproof lamp string, in turn: positive pole, negative pole, data, clock.

Basically, the basic characteristics of magic lamp ws2811 lamp string are these. If you want to know more about magic lamp products, please pay attention to magic lamp network, more information and so on.

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