What is 5050RGB lamp belt

Presumably we all know more or less about the increasing use of LED light bands in our daily life, but most people just know that the light bands can be divided into monochrome, slide bands, seven-color light bands and so on. Many people may not know much about a specific model. Today we will follow the magic light to learn about it. What is 5050RGB lamp belt?

5050RGB LED lamp band uses high brightness patch LED as light emitting element, which emits pure, soft and non-glare light. Nowadays, many lamp belts are not only used for decorating beautiful effects, but also can be used as a lighting source. Moreover, the energy consumption of LED lamp belts is very low, and there is no need to worry about high energy consumption and high electricity consumption. At present, in terms of home decoration, the most commonly used is the 5050RGB lamp band, which is a lamp band composed of three beads. It has many colors to choose, and its volume is relatively small, easy to install and save space. It can bend different shapes at will. Because of its flexibility, it can be used in different places and can be easily fixed on different surfaces.

What is 5050RGB lamp belt

5050RGB is a kind of lamp belt which can be used for high and low voltage current. When used indoors, it usually uses low voltage power supply. When used outdoors, it usually uses high voltage lamp belt. According to the different position of use, it chooses different current size. Its cutting is also very simple. Every lamp group is marked with a cutting point. As long as it is cut according to the cutting line, the lamp band will not be damaged and the lamp band will not be illuminated. And the back of this lamp belt is double-sided glue, which is very conducive to indoor flat wall pasting. Generally, the length of each roll is 5 meters. There are many processes such as naked lamp, drip glue, casing and glue filling.

Electrical parameters of 5050 lamp beads:

Current: 43-46 mA, maximum current can not exceed 60 mA;

2, Voltage 2.8-3.6V

3. Ambient temperature - 20 ~40 ~

4. When the current is between 14 and 20 mA, the brightness decreases by 4% when the current decreases by 1 mA.

5. The current is 0.12W at 43-46mA, 0.15W at 46-53mA and 0.2 at 54-60mA.

6. The power consumption per meter is 0.18*60=10.8W.

What is 5050RGB lamp belt

Popularly speaking, the 5050RGB lamp belt is a monochrome ordinary lamp belt, but it is a higher grade than the traditional lamp belt. Unlike the slide belt, each lamp ball can be made into a single color. It is the whole lamp belt is a color, and then there are many colors for users to choose. Basically, the 5050RGB lamp belt is the most widely used in home decoration and billboard production and large-scale lighting effect production. Generally speaking, it is absolutely a mainstream LED lamp belt with high cost performance.

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