Classification and characteristics of magic slide tapes

We all know that the LED lamp band is composed of a number of groups of beads, with different shapes of LED light-emitting combination. It has the characteristics of long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and is deeply loved by modern decorators. There are many kinds of lamp belts: monochrome, bichrome and slide belts. Magic lantern as a professional manufacturer of lamp tape, of course, is also a full range of categories, today we will introduce what magic lantern tape has, and what characteristics?

First, let's get to know what a slide tape is. As the name implies, the slide belt is a kind of color light belt composed of a variety of color beads. It can realize the changeable combination of different colors through the controller, showing different effects of running lights and running lights. Generally applicable to bars, KTV, stage and other places. The commonly used slides are 5050, WS2801, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815 and WS2818. What are the characteristics of these lamp belts? Let's introduce them one by one.

Classification and characteristics of magic slide tapes

5050 Lamp Belt: It is a 5MM*5MM lamp bead patch with high brightness, low heat, small size, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life and so on. It uses environmental friendly soft glue as packaging material. It has good transparency, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, smooth and soft characteristics. It can be used in different environments, and is a lamp belt with high utilization rate at present.

WS2801 Lamp Belt: This is a programmable slide belt, which supports constant current and constant voltage drive mode. It has output polarity reversal function. It is mainly used in LED decorative lighting system, PWM signal generator, indoor and outdoor information display system. WS2801 2-wire transmission control method is specially designed for cascading LED lighting decoration system by Shixin Microelectronics. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high reliability and synchronous refresh of gray data. It can minimize the system cost and is very suitable for low-cost LED decoration lighting system.

Classification and characteristics of magic slide tapes

WS2812 Lamp Belt: This lamp belt is made of waterproof glue. It has the characteristics of waterproof, dust-proof, damage-proof, yellowing-proof and flexible. It is a high cost-effective lamp belt. Each of its beads is a pixel point, each pixel point can be controlled independently, each pixel point can achieve 256X256X256 changes, and can be cut and spliced at any one pixel point, with double-sided glue on the back, installation is relatively simple, is one of the main products of magic lamp.

WS2813 Lamp Belt: This is an intelligent external control LED light source which integrates control circuit and light-emitting circuit. Its shape is the same as 5050 LED lamp beads. Each lamp bead element is also a pixel point. It has the function of anti-backconnection circuit, and also has the unique function of breakpoint continuous transmission, so even in the case of single pixel point damage. It also does not affect the overall color display. Its data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps, the luminous color is highly consistent, is a cost-effective lamp band.

WS2815 Lamp Belt: This is an intelligent external control integrated LED light source band. Its control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a 3535 package components to form a complete external control pixel point. It uses 12V power supply voltage, which can reduce the working current of the pixels, and ensure good mixing consistency of the pixels when they are transmitted over a long distance. Mainly used in LED full-color light-emitting string, LED guardrail tube, LED pixel screen and other fields.

Classification and characteristics of magic slide tapes

WS2818 Lamp Belt: This is a three-channel LED driver and control circuit. It uses high-precision internal oscillator and 12V high-voltage programmable constant current output driver and high-precision constant current control module. The chip has built-in regulator. The power supply of 12V and below only needs a series of resistors to the ICVDD foot, without additional regulator. It is basically the same as WS2815 lamp band applications, most of which are used in LED light-emitting words, LED pixel screen and other fields.

Basically, these are the characteristics of magic lantern's main slide tapes. Of course, there are other products such as monochrome, bichrome and seven-color. If you have friends who need the lamp belt, you can go to Magic Lamp Net to learn about it. Magic Lamp will select the most suitable lamp belt for you with absolutely high quality, the most intimate pre-sale consultation and after-sales service.

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