Magic Lantern Team Tour to South China City

Since the establishment of the company, Magic Lantern has been adhering to the people-oriented team concept. It will hold some festival celebrations regularly and organize some group building activities irregularly. This magic lantern chose South China City of Shenzhen to hold the group building activity of Running, Logging Tired.

'Logging tired' is an Ecosphere of sports and leisure, entertainment, group building and expansion, sports industry, and has become a well-known comprehensive operator of activities at home and abroad. Specialized in designing League building activities for the company's enterprises. In order to let all members experience professional group building activities, Magic Lantern chose this logging to undertake this activity.

Magic Lantern Team Tour to South China City

The members were divided into two teams, red and blue, and played several different types of games. Drum Pillow Warfare: Members need to sit on the drum and take the weapon pillow. The host says that the game starts and goes forward. When they meet the enemy, they start fighting. Members who are shot down during the game are defeated.

Finger Press Alternative Relay: Soft, Hard, Small Bamboo Shoot! We will design different sports on different finger-pressing boards. Team members need to arrange the order, and ultimately the team with the shortest time will win!

Magic Lantern Team Tour to South China City

Fire Line Shock: All members of the team hand in hand, one person is responsible for the impact of the checkpoint, as long as the obstacles are bypassed to the end, they will not be shocked, otherwise, the whole staff will be shocked!

Fat clothes battle: music sounds and dances with music, the host countdown can start to run and grab the bench, the countdown ended the members sitting on the bench to win!

Bubble ball battle: wearing a special bubbleball referee whistle can impact each other, to get a point at a time!

Who is the King of Grabbing Mirrors: Music sounds and team members grab mirrors. At the end of the music, the members satisfy the three conditions set by the referee and can score if they are displayed on the big screen.

Magic Lantern Team Tour to South China City

After a few hours of game activities, although we play sweaty, but in addition to the fun of the game, there are other experiences, that is, the importance of teamwork. Every team needs team members to cooperate sincerely and help each other in order to exert the greatest strength of the team. The same is true of enterprises. Only when all members unite and work together can they develop better and faster in the industry and serve the society better.

Finally, the group building activities in Magic Lantern Lee Shilong General Manager awards for the winning team of the game has achieved a perfect ending. After this group building activity, I believe that all the small partners of Magic Lantern will appreciate the importance of unity and cooperation, and in the future work, they will be more able to work together for the development of Magic Lantern.

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