Some basic knowledge of the ws2812b slide tape

As the most popular product in the market and the main product of magic lamp, ws2812b slide tape is being known by more and more people, but many friends don't know much about its characteristics and functions. Today we will talk about some basic knowledge about it, hoping to know about the friends who want to know about LED light tape. Help.

The basic characteristics of ws2812b slide tape:

It is a single-point single-control, built-in chip, programmable lamp band, basically able to cooperate with most controllers to use, and has the advantages of easy programming, high brightness of beads, energy saving, long service life, suitable for the production of LED display, billboard, KTV, bar lighting decoration and so on. It can control the display of built-in IC beads through a signal line and two power lines to achieve arbitrary effects such as text, pictures, animation and so on. Unlike the 5050rgb, the ws2812b slide strip can display different colors in segments, while the 5050RGB slide strip can only display the same color, which is due to the single-point single-control function of the 2812 slide strip. And can be easily extended by series mode. At the refresh frequency of 30 hz, the signal line can control up to 500 leds.

Some basic knowledge of the ws2812b slide tape

Ws2812b slide tape specification parameters:

Number of beads: 60 lamps/m

FPC board width: 10mm

Working Voltage: 5V

Power: 0.3W/pellet

Waterproof grade: IP65

Pressure Drop Distance: 4-5 M

Packing: Static Bag Packing, 5m/plate

The installation of ws2812b slide tape is relatively simple. It can be fixed with 3M adhesive paper or snap screw. It can be easily installed in most areas and has waterproof function. It can be used outdoors. Generally speaking, the main application area of 2812 light belt is still in some entertainment places and advertising display, of course, home decoration can also be used, but many people do not require high-quality slides when decorating, unless it is to create a dazzling lighting effect.

Some basic knowledge of the ws2812b slide tape

Magic Lantern ws2812b slide with specific parameters:

Product Name

WS2812B - 5050RGB



IC Model


Electric current




Driving mode

Series connection

Number of lamps


LED type

Built-in IC

Lamp bead chip

Sanan, Crystal Element

LED color

RGB full color

Luminescence angle

120 degrees

Plate width

30/60/100-10mm, 74/96/144-12mm

Circuit Board Types

FPC Flexible Board

Gray scale

Two hundred and fifty-six

Lamp board color


Waterproof grade


Supplementary Voltage of Power Supply

Supplementary Pressure Every 5 m

3M backing glue

Bare board/dropping glue

Control method

External control

Lightband life

50,000 hours

working temperature

- 40 ~+70 degree C

In addition to the ws2812b slides with this product, magic lamp also has a variety of main products, follow-up will be introduced one by one, there are friends who use demand or want to know about the bands can pay attention to the magic lamp network, there are a variety of bands for you to choose, more articles with knowledge for you to understand.

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