Some Knowledge of Waterproof Joints for LED Lamps

In modern daily decoration and other lighting decoration applications in some places, the basic use of LED lamp band, according to the installation location, many times the lamp band needs cutting and splicing, then splicing will be used when the lamp band joints, especially in outdoor or water areas, it is necessary to use waterproof joints. What is the common sense of using the waterproof connector of LED lamp? Let's follow the magic lamp to find out.

Some Knowledge of Waterproof Joints for LED Lamps

If you install the LED lamp belt outdoors, first of all, you should pay attention to the product's sealing, poor outdoor natural conditions, the lamp belt should face the problem of wind blowing and sunshine, especially where there are interfaces, you must do a good job of moisture-proof and waterproof treatment, then you need to use waterproof joints to splice, so as to improve the lamp. Safety and life of belt.

Some Knowledge of Waterproof Joints for LED Lamps

Many outdoor parks and other places need to use LED underwater lights to produce lighting effect. These lights will certainly appear at the interface under water. If the light belt is used underwater for a long time, its sealing and waterproof performance will be higher. And the waterproof joint used at the interface also needs the highest waterproof level. That's it. In addition, the underwater lamp strip should be treated well in the process of production and installation to prevent the electrostatic damage to the LED lamp strip caused by the production and installation.

Some Knowledge of Waterproof Joints for LED Lamps

Waterproof joint is mainly used for underwater lamp belt installation. What aspects should be paid attention to in underwater safe installation of LED lamp belt?

First of all, the choice of the type of lamp belt, underwater use to choose waterproof lamp belt, and the use of underwater voltage must be a safe voltage. Underwater voltage generally uses low voltage voltage, so we need to use low voltage waterproof lamp belt, even in the case of leakage, it will not cause danger.

Then it is better to buy one meter more lamp belt as reserve when installing the lamp belt underwater, so that if the lamp belt has problems, it will not need trouble to repair underwater, and can directly refer to the water surface for operation, which is convenient and safe.

Other installation problems, such as joints, waterproofing, layout and installation, can be easily dealt with by installers.

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