The Difference between Traditional Lamp Belt and LED Lamp Belt

The lamp belt is a kind of strip light-emitting series lamp, which is composed of many lamp beads and is generally used for decoration of some places such as family, bar, KTV, Park and so on. In the early days, the lamp beads used were bulb-shaped, basically connected by a certain number of low-voltage small incandescent bulbs in series, using 220V voltage, this kind of lamp belt because of material reasons, has been not durable.

The Difference between Traditional Lamp Belt and LED Lamp Belt

As a scientific and technological progress, the LED lamp band is made of semiconductor light emitting diodes and small power current limiting resistors in series, then sealed into a strip base made of plastic. With the continuous progress of LED technology in recent years, the LED lamp belt has been developing rapidly. The lamp belt with different shapes, colors and powers is suitable for various occasions. Whether it is home decoration or entertainment decoration, indoor or outdoor decoration, it is basically inseparable from its figure.

1. In terms of power supply, the lamp is equipped with 220 V AC voltage or the same voltage DC. That is to say, this kind of lamp band can directly connect to the current used in daily life, because it is actually a lighting circuit itself, only there are many small bulbs on this line. The power supply of LED lamp belts is usually DC voltage, although AC will also be on. But the LED is a single-conductor, it is easy to produce flicker when using AC, so the DC voltage is usually used in the LED lamp belt.

The Difference between Traditional Lamp Belt and LED Lamp Belt

2. The luminous color of the LED lamp band is determined by the luminous spectrum characteristics of the semiconductor material in the LED lamp band. In the finished products, there are not only simple monochrome lamp belts, but also parallel LED composite varieties. The basic light colors are red, yellow, green, blue and white. And the lamp band can only emit white and yellow two colors, and the color is not particularly pure, to achieve its multi-color effect, only by smearing the color of the light bulb to change its color. This effect is far less than the light color of the LED lamp belt.

3. In terms of energy efficiency, the LED lamp belt is still very energy-saving, and the energy consumption of the lamp belt is about 10 times higher than that of the LED lamp belt. This gap is still very large, and the lamp will produce more heat than the LED, which is why the LED is gradually replacing the traditional lamp.

The Difference between Traditional Lamp Belt and LED Lamp Belt

4. Life expectancy. LED lamp belt is obviously more durable, after all, the heat of LED is small, and there is no filament like traditional lamp belt, it is not easy to burn out, packaging is also very tight, so it is very good to protect the beads will not be damaged by external forces, and the greatest advantage of the LED lamp belt is that if one of the beads does not turn on, it will not affect the other. The lights are on. This makes it possible to navigate all kinds of situations. And the light bulb belt is not so fine in terms of workmanship, it itself calorific than the LED lamp belt, overheating causes the probability of the light bulb burning out is also very large, especially in outdoor use, wind and sunshine will greatly reduce its life.

5. In the actual maintenance of the lamp belt and the LED lamp belt, it is found that the failure rate of the lamp belt is higher and the service life is shorter. And the LED lamp belt is more durable. Faults are much lower. Generally, LED light sets seldom break down, even if there is a breakdown, it is also very good to solve, and the failure rate of the bulb belt is relatively high, and the bulb itself is very fragile, suffered from external strikes, the bulb will break down, so it is more troublesome to use.

The Difference between Traditional Lamp Belt and LED Lamp Belt

6. It can be seen that the trend of replacing traditional lighting tools with LED series products is irresistible. How can people choose LED products on the premise of low cost, low price, long service life, convenient maintenance and simple installation? And the technology of LED is more and more mature, and the application field is more and more extensive, not only for home decoration, but also for automotive headlights, stage lighting and other fields. In the future, the development of LED will be bigger and bigger, and the variety of LED products will be more and more, more and more integrated into people's lives.

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