Magic Lantern Organizes "One-day Tour of Bayberry Hole" on May 1st

As in previous years, the Magic Lantern Family organized all outdoor activities during the May Day holiday. This time, the location was chosen in the Yangmei pit, which is said to be the most beautiful valley in Shenzhen.



Yangmei pit is located in Nanao Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City. It gathers many well-known wedding photography base, which is a beautiful paradise for wedding photography. Bayberry pit is located in the northeast of Nanao Town, before Qiniang Mountains and Tiger Sitting Hill. There is a village of Bayberry pit. The hills behind the village are covered with bayberry, so there is the name of Bayberry pit. Bayberry pit is the intersection of Zhengwei pit and Dakenghu pit. Beautiful scenery, there are Bibo Qingtan, quiet forest, there are all kinds of birds in the forest. People will feel relaxed and happy when they are in this situation.

Everyone works in high-rise buildings on weekdays. They are exposed to high-tech LED lighting products. They can walk out of the high walls of the city and come into the embrace of nature. They make people feel relaxed physically and mentally, and their happy smiles are overflowing in the faces of each of their magic lamp companions.



Everyone had a tour first. There are yachts in Yangmei Pit to enjoy the sea scenery by yacht. You can also rent a fishing boat to go to sea to experience the feeling of breaking waves in the sea. Mountaineering and tracing rivers is a good choice. The scenery on the mountain is beautiful and you can enjoy the scenery of Yangmei pit. The water is clear and the feeling of walking barefoot inside is so wonderful. If you are interested, you can rent a bicycle, ride along the coastal bicycle road to enjoy the sea view, feel the cool sea breeze, listen to the sound of waves lapping on the coast, as if you forgot all your troubles at once. At noon, we enjoyed the delicious seafood of the farmhouse, also tasted the famous local kiln chicken, enjoyed the delicious food in the play, and felt the laughter and laughter of the magic lantern family in relaxation. Everyone hoped that the time could be fixed at this moment.



After dinner, we played several games together, which not only increased the fun of playing, but also enhanced everyone's feelings. We also watched many couples take wedding photographs and watch the romantic scenes. We all sent our best wishes to them from the heart. Happy time always makes people feel very fast, unconsciously it's time to return, we pack up our belongings and then gather back to the journey. When you play, you put your heart into relaxation and try your best at work. After the relaxation of the May Day holiday, Magic Lamp's small partners will surely be in a better state to meet the new job challenges.

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