Magic Lamp Technology Xichong Summer Camp Activities

The magic lantern summer camp has started in this slightly cool weekend. This year, we chose Xichong Beach, which is known as 'Shenzhen Hawaii'. Xichong Beach, also known as the shore of Xiyong Beach, has a total length of about 4.5 kilometers, beautiful scenery, blue sky and white clouds, breeze and waves, and more beautiful Valentine's Island. It is the famous Golden Coast of Shenzhen.


At 9 o'clock in the morning, all the little partners of Magic Lantern gathered at the company and drove westward. Along the way, everyone laughed and laughed. It was very busy. At the moment, everyone put aside their working state and devoted themselves to the fun of playing. The little friends listened to music, ate snacks and chatted with each other, which made the journey full of laughter and did not make people feel lonely at all.

When we got to the place, we let go of our moods and devoted our whole body and mind to the fun of playing. Everyone put down the formal work, put down the rush of life, everyone's face is full of smiles, so brilliant. At any time, collective activities can rapidly increase the distance between people.

Magic lantern has been promoting the idea of combining work and leisure, so that everyone can enjoy the happiness of life outside of work. At this moment, we put down work, put down the relationship of colleagues, play games together, go to Valentine's Island by boat, catch conch, watch sea urchins, and then take pictures and leave messages together. The happy atmosphere makes people linger and forget.


We also played water tug-of-war, water volleyball and other games together, which not only enriched our lives, but also enhanced our feelings, so that we can have a deeper understanding in the exchange. In the afternoon, we also had a big seafood barbecue dinner, and all kinds of delicious food made us enjoy it.

The activity of a beautiful day ends perfectly at sunset. Everyone comes and returns happily. After a trip, everyone's feeling increases a lot unconsciously.

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