Reasons for Different Prices of LED Lamps

With the rapid development of LED technology, various products of LED are also constantly innovating and progressing. As a star product used in home, office area and various entertainment places, LED lamp band is becoming more and more popular, and its technology is also progressing more and more. But there are different prices for LED lamps in the market, and even some price differences are very large. What is the reason? Let's give you an analysis of the magic lamp.


1. Chips are different: the chips used in LED lamp bands are divided into domestic chips, imported chips and Taiwan chips, and the price difference is also great. Imported chips are more expensive, followed by Taiwan chips, which are relatively moderate, and domestic chips are relatively cheaper. So when purchasing the LED lamp belt, don't only pay attention to its price, but also depend on the kind of chip it uses, which should be planned before purchasing.

2. Different packaging: LED outer packaging due to different materials, will also lead to price deviation. There are two main types of LED packaging, resin packaging and silica gel packaging, resin packaging heat dissipation is poor, so the price is cheaper, silica gel packaging heat resistance is better, so the price is slightly more expensive than resin packaging, there is no difference in other areas.

3. Brightness difference: When purchasing LED lamp tape, we must know what kind of brightness we need. High brightness and ordinary brightness of LED will have obvious price difference. Different brightness will have different price, so we must distinguish the brightness difference.

4. Different colours: LED colours are different, so are the prices. Generally speaking, white and green are more difficult to make, so the price is higher than other colors. Common colors like red, blue and yellow are relatively simple to make and have good color consistency, so the price will be relatively cheap. But special colors, such as brown and purple, are more difficult to make, so the price is the most expensive.

5. The color consistency is different: when the LED is manufactured, it is encapsulated. Because there is no spectrophotometer in many domestic packaging factories at present, the color consistency is poor and the quality is bad, so the corresponding price will be cheaper. And after spectrophotometric and color-splitting LED, its color consistency is better, and the price will be a little more expensive.

6. The difference of FPC: Like many materials, the FPC material used by LED is also certified and not certified. FPC is divided into two kinds: calendered copper and copper coated. Copper coated plate is cheaper and calendered copper is more expensive. The welding pad coated with copper sheet is easy to fall off when the lamp band is folded, but the calendered copper will not appear this problem. So the different FPC also determines the different price of LED lamp band.

7. Welding is different: LED lamp band is divided into machine welding and manual welding. With the continuous development of science and technology, many machine-made products will have greater output, higher quality and better effect than manual-made products. When the machine is welded, the reflow soldering method is adopted. After welding, the solder joints are smooth, the size is basically the same, and the LED package is intact and beautiful. The chip will not be burnt by static electricity. And manual welding is not so perfect as machine welding. Manual welding is the most primitive way to use soldering iron for direct welding. This way will lead to uneven size of solder joints, rough surface, more flux residues, and easy to burn out LED packaging. Another is that if anti-static measures are not done properly, the LED chip will be burned out by static electricity and will not be bright after power-on. This is also an important factor that leads to different price of LED lamp belt.

8. Dimensions are different: Finally, the size of the LED is the reason. Different specifications of the LED, the cost is certainly different, so the sales price will be different, such as 1210 specifications and 5050 specifications of the LED in terms of price will be very different.

After reading these, do you feel that you know many reasons why the price of LED bands is different? Get more information about LED, you can pay attention to Magic Lantern.

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