Installation Method and Notice of LED Lamp Belt

Installation Method of LED Lamp Belt

With the continuous development of science and technology, LED-related products have been updated, in recent years has been introducing new products, and the LED lamp belt is also constantly innovating, people's daily decoration is basically indispensable to its shadow, then what are the installation methods of LED lamp belt, let's see below.

1. Indoor installation: With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to aesthetics. Apart from practicality, people often add some aesthetic elements to the house decoration. Lighting is an indispensable part of interior decoration. When the LED lamp band is used for interior decoration, installation is very simple. Because indoors do not need to withstand wind and rain, so the installation requirements are much lower. If you're indoors, just fix the lamp directly where it needs to be installed. Where there is a corner or the lamp band is too long, there are also ways. Generally, the LED lamp band is a circuit structure composed of three LEDs in series and parallel, so every three LED groups can be cut and used separately.

2. Outdoor installation: Outdoor interior decoration needs to go beyond the LED lamp belt. Now many parks, squares, activity centers, billboards and many other places also need to use the LED lamp to bring decoration. There is nothing to shelter the wind and rain outdoors, so when installing the LED lamp belt outdoors, it is necessary to adopt a more sophisticated way. Generally outdoor installation often adopts fixed chute. And need to be equipped with waterproof glue, when the lamp band needs to be cut or linked, waterproof glue should be used to increase the waterproof effect of connection points.

3. Connecting power supply: The commonly used LED lamp band is usually 12V DC. This kind of lamp band needs switching power supply. The size of switching power supply depends on the power and length of the LED lamp band. If you need a power supply to control all the light belts, you can use a high-power switching power supply to connect all the LED light belts into the power supply in parallel. You can use this main switching power supply to supply power. In this way, the trouble of multiple s

4. Connection Controller: The LED horse-race lamp belt and RGB full-color lamp belt used in some entertainment places such as KTV, bar and so on need to use the controller to achieve the changeable effect, and the control distance of each controller is different. The control distance of simple controller is 10-15 meters, the control distance of remote controller is 15-20 meters, and the longest can be controlled to 30 meters. When the connection distance of the LED lamp band is long, the controller can not control the long lamp band, so it needs to use the power amplifier for splitting. This is usually used in large places.

5. Connecting distance: According to the type of the lamp belt, its connecting distance is also different. Generally speaking, the longest connection distance of the 3528 LED lamp belt is 20 meters, while the longest connection distance of the 5050 series is 15 meters. If the connection distance is exceeded, the power overload will be caused, and the LED lamp belt will easily heat up, and the service life of the LED lamp belt will also be affected. Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the product installation, do not let the LED light with overload.

Cautions for Installation of LED Lamp Belt

1. When the LED lamp tape is in a disc, or when it is not unpacked, it can not be connected to the power source to light up.

2. If you want to cut and splice according to the actual length of the installation, you should cut it in the place marked with scissors. If you cut it from other places, it will cause the unit not bright. The length of a unit is generally about 2 meters.

3. When you need to connect two sections of lamp belt, you should first leak out the wires inside the lamp belt, cut them flat with scissors, and then connect them with a common needle. If the connection method is incorrect, it will cause a short circuit.

4. When connecting two sets of lamp belts, we must pay attention to the specifications. If the voltage is the same and the specifications are different, we can't connect them in series, and the length of the connection can't be too long. It should be within the maximum use length.

5. When the LED lamp bands are interconnected, to achieve each link, we should try to turn on a section. In this way, we can find out whether the positive and negative poles are connected or not in time. We can also see whether the direction of light from each segment is the same, so as to avoid the trouble of finding these problems when all the lights are connected.

6. After installation, the end of the LED lamp band must remember to put on the PVC tail plug, then fasten it with the tape, and seal the interface with the insulating glue, so as to ensure the safety of use and not leakage of electricity.

7. LED is unidirectional. If the power line with AC/DC converter is used, the power test should be carried out after the power connection, and the correct connection of the lamp band should be determined before using.

Basically, there are some routine installation methods and precautions for the LED lamp belt. If you have any good methods and suggestions, you can leave a message with the magic lamp and share it with us.

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